How to find your Facebook Post ID?

After discussing on How to get free Likes from Facebook, Today i am here to guide you for getting your post id in autoliker websites . In many Autoliker or Facebook apps codes, you have to need this code so here we will teach you how to get the ID. When posting a facebook post on facebook automatically assign a code to that post as for profile and page.

There is also a min requirement to get these ID Codes work on third party sites that your that post should be public. So here we have the tutorial about it. There are two methods to get your desired post id codes that we will discuss both of them below in details.

1.) First Go to FIndPostId Web. Then you will see the Below Pic

2.) Go to your Desired status and copy the whole Url of the Status as shown below

3.) Now after copying, Go to FindPostid again and paste the Url and click on Get Post Id

4.) Now you get your post id of the Post.  Its really simple to use 

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